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Just Evan

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Guitar for Sale [14 Jul 2010|11:00am]
What's for sale is a Limited Edition Ten Thousand Fists Washburn DD75 Maya.
The guitar comes with a G-185 Coffin Case and a DigiTech "The Weapon" effects pedal.
Also includes Monster Prolink cable.

All the items are like new, except the case which has minor cosmetic damage from normal wear and tear on the outside of the case only.

Both the guitar and the pedal are DISCONTINUED.

Guitar specs:
Mahogany body
Mahogany neck
String thru-body
Seymour Duncan pickups
Tune-O-Matic bridge
Sperzel tuners
Rosewood fingerboard
Pearl dot inlays
25.5" scale
Ten Thousand Fists album graphic
Red lacquer finish
Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Case specs:
Compact design
Large neck compartment with reinforced wood cross bracing for added strength.
Redesigned shock-resistant velvet pillow to ensure better fit for most standard guitar models.
Red high grade diamond stitched velvet interior.
Multi-plywood construction.
Durable thick road resistant black PVC exterior.
All black steel hardware
Black accent stitching
5 steel latches

Pedal specs:
Effects include Sitar Simulator, Pitch Shift, Distortion, Reverb and more
Amp and CIT mixer outputs
Custom artist pedal gig bag
Digitech pedal power supply included

$1000 for the full package.

Can e-mail pictures upon request.

WILL DELIVER (within reason, Greater Boston Area)
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A list of every band I've seen live [07 Sep 2006|12:09pm]
It was Sam's idea. So here's my list.

Jesus...is fucking metal.Collapse )

Coming Soon:

  1. 10 years

  2. Walls of Jericho (again)

  3. Bury Your Dead (again)

  4. Deadsy

  5. Bullets and Octane

  6. Dir En Grey

  7. Flyleaf

  8. Stone Sour

  9. Deftones

  10. Korn (again)

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Cd list update [09 Jun 2006|04:29pm]
76 new cds, 1 new on display, and 0 new vinyl.

my music collection list 13Collapse )

[edit] I got another copy of Anna Vogelzang's studio album so she could autograph it the night I posted this, and instead of waiting for the next time I actually decided to do this, I added it to CDs on display. Indeed [/edit]
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New public entry, w00t [11 Jan 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | content ]

Yep yep. Here's a public entry. For ALL of you to read. Yay. I know my LJinfo is uber long and everything, but I recently added a part to it for everyone surfing around LJ looking for someone to talk to. When updating myspace, I came up with this and thought it would apply to LJ too. So...here is my new little message to the public internet world (at least until the next cd list update).

I must warn you, I have certain guidelines to follow before allowing someone to know any more about me than I've already mentioned here in public webspace. Here's a list:

  • If you do a lot of drugs, I may not like talking to you a lot. I'm sure you're a great person when sober, but I tend to lean towards people who I've known for ages and to people who are quitting. No offense intended.
    AMENDED: I can deal with pot smokers, as long as you try to keep it away from me. Cocain is pushing it. Speed is REALLY pushing it. Morphine is a no-no. Anything worse than that, don't bother.

  • If you're a guy and you've ever hit a girl for any reason except she was coming at you with a gun or knife, I dub thee shit and you should just stop reading this now. All offense intended.

  • If you've ever fucked with any of my friends in the past and there's still problems between the two of you, I probably won't talk to you. If you and I had problems, I probably won't care. But my friends mean the world to me and I'll defend them to the death.

And now for the big one...

  • If you've ever raped/molested anyone (boy/girl, kid/adult) you are a complete fucking waste. You have no right to live. Please find the nearest exit from this existance before I force you out of it. You may not know me. You may not converse with me. You may die. That is all you may do. If there is any confusion about this, search for the answer in a shotgun barrel.

If you do not fall under any of these catagories and have no committed any of these offenses, please feel free to comment and add me. For those who do fall under these catagories, you should probably find something better to do. Like dying faster.

Now give me money! MON-AY!
Cheap son of a bitch

Have a good night.

And die.
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[16 Sep 2003|03:30pm]

Comment to be added.
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blast off [16 Sep 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

we've reached it...it's the last public entry...here's where i list who goes and who stays...to some, i'm sorry you're being cut and please don't be offended...to others, if you aren't offended, i havent done my job...but anyway...here it is...

the listCollapse )

that really wasn't as many people cut as i thought it would be...huh...

sorry to everyone who got cut...i'm not listing the communties on my list, cuz 4 of them are mine and the 5th is angelic_purpose...which you should all join, cuz its going kinda slow...okeedokee...i'll go now...


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